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Samstag, 2022-11-26

4nd International Summer School in Biomedical Engineering

Brain connectivity and information transfer


August, 13-27, 2009, Leipzig, Germany



In recent years, the phenomenon of connectivity has been recognized as a major determinant of brain function. The notion of connectivity encompasses physical connectedness between brain areas and structures (structural connectivity), correlations between activations of different brain areas (functional connectivity), and the influence one area exerts over another (causality, effective connectivity). The methodology to detect and quantify these types of connectivity has made substantial progress in the last couple of years. In particular, the modelling of the dynamic behaviour of densely connected neuronal assemblies, its role in the transfer and processing of information, and eventually its significance for brain function have moved into the focus of research. The adequate analysis of these phenomena requires mastering complex mathematical techniques and integration of biological, physical, medical and physiological knowledge in order to obtain useful models that explain and predict both measurement data (e.g. electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging) and behaviour.



The objective of the International Summer School is to provide in depth education and practical exercises on techniques of computing and analyzing connectivity in the brain, covering both theoretical foundations and practical applications. It aims at a thorough understanding of the underlying mechanisms and thus will develop a critical view on current applications and possible future developments. The International Summer School provides contact with leading experts in the fields and is expected to facilitate the exchange of ideas on latest developments.


Target Group: (up to 40 participants)

  • PhD students
  • advanced Master students
  • researchers entering the field of brain connectivity


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