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Deistung A, Schweser F, Reichenbach JR
Overview of quantitative susceptibility mapping.
NMR Biomed 30 (2017), no. 4, e3569
Feng X, Deistung A, Dwyer MG, Hagemeier J, Polak P, Lebenberg J, Frouin F, Zivadinov R, Reichenbach JR, Schweser F
An improved FSL-FIRST pipeline for subcortical gray matter segmentation to study abnormal brain anatomy using quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM).
Magn Reson Imaging 39 (2017), 110-122
Hanspach J, Dwyer MG, Bergsland NP, Feng X, Hagemeier J, Bertolino N, Polak P, Reichenbach JR, Zivadinov R, Schweser F
Methods for the computation of templates from quantitative magnetic susceptibility maps (QSM): Toward improved atlas- and voxel-based analyses (VBA).
Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI 46 (2017), 1474-1484
Özbay PS, Deistung A, Feng X, Nanz D, Reichenbach JR, Schweser F
A comprehensive numerical analysis of background phase correction with V-SHARP.
NMR Biomed 30 (2017), e3550
Schultz CC, Wagner G, Schachtzabel C, Reichenbach JR, Schlösser RGM, Sauer H, Koch K
Increased white matter radial diffusivity is associated with prefrontal cortical folding deficits in schizophrenia.
Psychiatry Res 261 (2017), 91-95
Schultz CC, Wagner G, Feliberto dlC, Berger S, Reichenbach JR, Sauer H, Bär KJ
Evidence for alterations of cortical folding in anorexia nervosa.
Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 267 (2017), 41-49
Stutzig N, Rzanny R, Moll K, Gussew A, Reichenbach JR, Siebert T
Interpretation of pH-heterogeneity in human muscle induced by neuromuscular electrical stimulation.
Magn Reson Med 77 (2017), 466
Wagner G, Herbsleb M, Feliberto dlC, Schumann A, Köhler S, Puta C, Gabriel HW, Reichenbach JR, Bär K-J
Changes in fMRI activation in anterior hippocampus and motor cortex during memory retrieval after an intense exercise intervention.
Biol Psychol 124 (2017), 65-78
Cleve M, Krämer M, Gussew A, Reichenbach JR
Difference optimization: Automatic correction of relative frequency and phase for mean non-edited and edited GABA (1)H MEGA-PRESS spectra.
JMR 279 (2017), 16-21
Moll K, Gussew A, Hein C, Stutzig N, Reichenbach JR
Combined spiroergometry and (31) P-MRS of human calf muscle during high-intensity exercise.
NMR Biomed (2017), e3723
Krämer M, Motaal AG, Herrmann K-H, Löffler B, Reichenbach JR, Strijkers GJ, Hoerr V
Cardiac 4D phase-contrast CMR at 9.4 T using self-gated ultra-short echo time (UTE) imaging.
J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 19 (2017), 39
Feng X, Deistung A, Reichenbach JR
Quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) and R2(*) in the human brain at 3T: Evaluation of intra-scanner repeatability.
Z Med Phys (2017),
Tesch A, Wenisch C, Herrmann K-H, Reichenbach JR, Warncke P, Fischer D, Müller FA
Luminomagnetic Eu(3+)- and Dy(3+)-doped hydroxyapatite for multimodal imaging.
Materials Science & Engineering. C 81 (2017), 422-431
Cleve M, Gussew A, Wagner G, Bär K-J, Reichenbach JR
Assessment of intra- and inter-regional interrelations between GABA+, Glx and BOLD during pain perception in the human brain - A combined (1)H fMRS and fMRI study.
Neuroscience 365 (2017), 125-136
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