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Software for SWI reconstruction (GUIBOLD)

Screenshot of GUIBOLD. Here you can see a transversal venogram in at minimum intensity projection with 8mm.

GUIBOLD is a platform independant program for reconstruction and visualisation of susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) data. The software allows an offline reconstruction of k-space and DICOM files to susceptibility weighted images (MR-BOLD-Venograms). For the processing of k-space or unwrapped DICOM data  lgorithms for the correction of phase wraps are provided. GUIBOLD enables to control the SWI data processing, e.g by varying the number of multiplications with the phase mask or the phase mask itself.


GUIBOLD accepts DICOM images (as combined or uncombined images of the  format, Siemens raw data VA25).

The following contrasts can be generated and visualized with GUIDBOLD:

  1. magnitude images

  2. phase images

  3. SWI images

Maximum intensity projections, average projections and minimum intensity projections of freely adjustable volumes can be performed by the user. In addition, iso-surface and volume rendering methods are implemented.

Data reconstructed by GUIBOLD can be saved in:

  • DICOM format

  • Analyze format

  • image formats (*.bmp, *.png, *.tiff, *.jpeg, *.gif)

GUIBOLD was written using the IDL programming language (Interactive Data Language) of ITT Visual Information Solutions (Boulder, USA). To execute GUIBOLD the freely available IDL Virtual Machine is required.

We offer GUIBOLD and test data set for free download. The first set up of GUIBOLD requires the following steps:

  1. Download the data

  2. Unzip

  3. Download the IDL Virtual Machine (at least Version 6.3) at ITT Visual Information Solutions from

  4. Follow the steps of installation of the vendor to install the IDL Virtual Machine

  5. Start the IDL Virtual Machine and click “click to continue” in the opening window. A file browser will open. Choose "guibold.sav" to start the GUIBOLD application.

For the first application of GUIBOLD we recommend to reconstruct the test data set by applying the following steps:

  1. Download the test data set

  2. Unzip in a separate directory

  3. Start GUIBOLD (see also step 5)

  4. Import the test data set by clicking on File --> Open --> DICOM Data. A new dialog window will open. Please click on “Magnitude and Phase Information are stored in different directories”, “Invert Phase Images” and “OK”. A file browser will open. Here you have to choose one file of the magnitude series of the example data set and click “OK”. Again a file browser will occur. Please choose an image of the corresponding phase data series. Finally, press “OK” to finish the data import procedure.

  5. To execute the SWI-reconstruction please chose "Reconstruction SWI" from the menu bar. A reconstruction dialog will open. Here you will find preadjusted parameters for SWI reconstruction. You may choose between two phase correction algorithms (Homodyne 2D and Homodyne 3D), adjust values for zero filling to reduce the partial volume effect or change the weighting of phase information. Note, only the marked processes will be executed. Finally, click "OK" at the bottom of the window. Now data reconstruction is executed. On the left side of the GUI the "image display menu" appears. Choose the desired image contrast and orientation.

  6. To see transverse venograms please click on "venogram --> tra". Use the slider to change between different slices.

Questions and Suggestions?

This software is still in development. So do not hesitate to contact us with problems, evaluations or suggestions to keep GUIBOLD up to date.

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Questions and Suggestions?
Questions and Suggestions?
Software for SWI reconstruction (GUIBOLD)
Software for SWI reconstruction (GUIBOLD)
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